• Newborns are best when photographed within the first two weeks. We do however; welcome newborns of any age.
  • For newborns, we have an endless supply of blankets, headbands, tieback, knits and props so you don’t need to bring anything
  • Prices include all set ups, props, and outfits, if you would like a special something you can bring it with you and I will incorporate it in the photoshoot, any special set up you may like please let me know ahead of time and I will work with you to make it happen.  If you need me to travel to your place with my studio and set ups it will be an extra $50.00 for travel.

MINI: $350 

  • Baby Only

  • 1 hour maximum session

  • 1 + set ups 

  • 25+ HI-resolution digital files downloadable, with printing rights                

  •  full printing rights

  • Online gallery to download and share with family & friends

PETITE: $450

  • 2-3 hour session maximum
  • Baby (sibling and family photos)
  • 2 different set ups
  • 30+ HI-resolution digital files downloadable, with printing rights   
    Online gallery to download and share with family & friends


  • 3+ hour session maximum
  • Baby (sibling and family photos, if applicable)
  • 3 different set ups
  • customized photo editing
  • 45+ HI-resolution digital files downloadable, with printing rights   
    Online gallery to download and share with family & friends

*** A Fresh 48 session can be added to this package at a discounted rate of $250




PACKAGE $250.00

• One child only (one outfit with cake smash set)
• 20 Hi-resolution images
• includes balloons and decorations
client is responsible for bringing cake 
private on-line proof (watermarked) gallery of images FOR YOU to choose from
• your choice of high res images from your proof gallery to be fully retouched and available via electronic download

 $50.00 NON_REFUNDABLE session deposit is due upon booking



  • Tons of props, outfits, themes and backgrounds 
  • Balloons and decor included
  • Bring in your own cake


$50.00 extra for milk bath, can be added to any cake smash packages






Maternity Session $350.00

  • Pregnancy sessions usually take about an hour when in studio, and a bit longer on location.
  • Pregnancy sessions are best between 7-8 months. Please plan ahead and schedule at least a few weeks before.
  • In person or by phone pre –session consultation
  • Partners and children are always welcome to participate in the session.
  • Nudity is a personal option and is available in any session in the most discreet nature.
  • Gowns and fabrics are all available to our clients 
  • Hair/Makeup are additional – we recommend, she will come to the studio to do your make up or you can call your favorite salon

When should I book my maternity session?

I always say, the best time for maternity pictures is when you feel good and are still feeling comfortable. In most cases this is during your 7th or 8th month of pregnancy, between 30-36 weeks. During this time, your belly will start to be nice and round and generally baby will not have dropped down too far yet which makes your belly appear higher. 

The start of your third trimester is the perfect time for a maternity photoshoot. If you decided to schedule your photos sooner, just consider the size of your belly and if you are happy with the size of your bump. On the other hand, if you

schedule your photoshoot at the last minute or around your due date, you may find that you start to feel uncomfortable and tired. You also need to be mindful that babies sometimes make an unexpected "early" arrival. I have had past clients miss out on capturing their pregnancy due to their bub arriving a few weeks early so I find it's always best to be prepared!


Not all Pregnancies are the Same

Generally, the 7th or 8th month works for most soon-to-be-mums. However, since every woman and pregnancy is different, this may not work for you. The best time for a maternity session still depends on you and how you are feeling. So to know if you are ready to face the camera, pay close attention to the changes in your body and your growing baby bump. Whether this be your first baby or your 10th, every pregnancy is different. You may have felt amazing at 36 weeks with your first baby but second time round you may have a totally different experience. It's best to make the right choice for you and I suggest that when you are feeling good, that's when you reach out to book your session.


When to book maternity photos when expecting twins or triplets

Another exception is if you are expecting twins or triplets. If this is the case with you, I suggest you schedule your maternity photoshoot earlier. If you’re left pondering about what week to get your maternity photos taken, I suggest around your second trimester or at 20-24 weeks of pregnancy. This is because your baby bump will be well established by your second trimester if you are carrying more than one baby. You will generally also still be feeling good and comfortable, and can still freely move around. Generally most multiple pregnancies will deliver earlier so you should also consider that when booking your photoshoot.


 $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE session deposit is due upon booking




  • Videography is available as a add on to any of the session packages……………..$250
  • Hair and Makeup is at an additional charge provided by feel free to call her for a quote, as services vary. They can come to our studio to provide services.